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Faith IRL | Episode 4 | Understanding Seasons

kris pace : teaching PASTOR

Dear brothers and sisters, be patient as you wait for the Lord’s return. Consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rains in the fall and in the spring. They eagerly look for the valuable harvest to ripen. You, too, must be patient. Take courage, for the coming of the Lord is near. 

James 5:7-8 

Life is ___________.

Don’t grumble about each other, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. 

James 5:9

God allows ___________ into your life for a ___________.

For examples of patience in suffering . . . You know about Job . . . You can see how the Lord was kind to him at the end, for the Lord is full of tenderness and mercy. 

James 5:10

Are any of you suffering hardships? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises. 

James 5:13

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. 

James 5:16

Don’t shut down -- ___________ ___________ light is a great disinfectant.

Life is seasonal We have to ___________ our current season.

God is far more interested in developing my ___________ than he is providing my ___________.

Life is seasonal We have to identify our current season lean ___________ the wind.

Don’t serve ___________ for the ___________ ___________

My dear brothers and sisters, if someone among you wanders away from the truth and is brought back, you can be sure that whoever brings the sinner back from wandering will save that person from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins.

James 5:19-20