Info for the Prayer Team at Journey.


What we do:

We pray over the needs of Journey including weekly prayer requests from the welcome cards, upcoming events, and all of our different ministry areas. We also ask our teammates to write the occasional note to individuals on our prayer list. You won't believe how much encourages people to know that someone is praying for them!

What to expect / Time Involved:

We provide prayer requests as early in the week as possible so that our team can be praying throughout the week. Most of our prayer time is done individually, so the time commitment is really up to you. However, there will be times throughout the year when we will meet to pray together as a team.

Intro Process:

The good news about our team is that it doesn't take much to get started with prayer- the hard work really comes in creating time and space in your personal life to pray for others. We'll make sure that you receive our weekly prayer report and give you some direction on how to write prayer notes. We also work to honor the confidential nature of our prayer reports. But if you have a heart to care for people "behind the scenes", this is the place for you!