Info for the Worship Arts Team at Journey.


What We Do:

We are a team of artists who work hard to create an engaging worship experience during our weekend services at Journey. Whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, we love to help people connect with God in worship!

What To Expect/Time Involved:

The time commitment to our worship team comes in three phases: personal practice, team rehearsal, and Sunday morning services. Each member is asked to spend enough time to learn their musical parts so that they can perform/lead with excellence. Each team member is also asked to attend our weekly rehearsal (typically on Saturday afternoons from 4:00pm-5:30pm) as well as all of our Sunday morning schedule (preservice run-through at 8:00am/leading in our 9:30am and 11:00am services). Team members typically serve at least once per month and up to multiple times a month depending on the position and need. 

Intro Process:

We ask anyone who is interested in joining our team to go through an audition process which is tailored to the position they are interested in. Generally speaking, we provide three songs of varying styles for you to prepare and perform in front of a few members of our team. Depending on the outcome of the audition, we will either give you feedback/recommendations/resources to work on and audition again, or we will invite you to shadow our team for a period of four weeks to learn our routines and get a better sense of what serving with our team looks like. After this, we will schedule a weekend for you to serve with us and complete the intro process. If there has been a greenlight after each of these steps, we will ask you to join our team and work out a schedule that allows you to serve on a regular basis.